Privacy Policy Page

Privacy and Confidentiality

Welcome to Wardrobe mobile app handled by My Wardrobe Ltd. We care for your personal information shared on the platform and want to protect your rights. The Privacy Policy will explain how we collect, store and use your personal information.

It will also let us know about the procedure that we follow to secure your data. By using the mobile app, you directly accept the Privacy Policy practice of the Wardrobe. Your data protection is set at high priority and built based on trust.

We only collect your name and other information when it is necessary for a better user experience. We keep them stored if they are required by law or relevant purpose for which it is collected in the first place.

You are also free to use our app without sharing any personal information. You will stay anonymous, and no personal data will be collected unless you decide to create an account. Read the full Privacy Policy to know more.

Data That We Collect

1. We are required to collect your personal information when you place an order using the Wardrobe app.

2. We use the collected data to process your order. It also plays a vital role to allow you possible later claim if needed. Most often we collect name, gender, date of birth, email address, mobile number, payment details, payment card details, bank account details, etc. We might ask for more information if needed.

3. Your shared personal information will be used to administrate your account with us. You can use them to access your account at any given time.

4. Financial verification is also followed using your personal information. It makes the platform more secure and safe for the whole community.

5. Your personal information is also collected to improve the user experience and improve the layout of different pages. Every customer enjoys a unique and better experience based on the shared information.

6. Demographic research is also followed based on your personal information.

7. We will send you a marketing campaign email with your consent. You can opt-out any time you want.    

8. Your personal information will be shared with the third-party seller of the platform. It will assist to give you the best communication and delivery experience.

9. Always try to share accurate information with us. Otherwise, you might get incompetent service from the Wardrobe app. You can access your personal information using the dashboard and edit them as needed.

10. If you subscribed to our newsletter, we would collect your information for sending the available newsletter at the time.

11. We care for your information and will never share them with an unauthorized third party.

12. We will take full liability if any misuse of your personal information happens on our side. We will not take any liability for your mistakes.         

Further Uses of Personal Information

1. We might use your personal information to create statistical graphs. It will then be used for user opinion and market research.

2. We might ask you to participate in a survey or opinion poll. The information will be collected with your consent.

3. We may send you seals promotion, product listing, or other company newsletters of our group. You are allowed to unsubscribe to the service anytime as you want. Your action will be considered within 7 days.

4. If you participate in any competition, then we will collect your information. It will be used to notify all the winners and additional offers.

Third-Party Information Sharing

1. We only share information with companies within our group. They analyze the data and assist us to ensure quality service at your disposal.

2. Third-party financial body helps us to reduce credit risk and secure payment services. We will exchange user data with them to continue the service assistance.

3. We may permit to share your data with affiliate parties. It can be outside your jurisdiction and not limited to Service Providers, Related Companies, and App Users.

4. If we ever sell part of our business, we will share your data with the new parties. We will also ask for your consent unless it does not fall under our privacy policy terms. All the actions will be performed by law.

5.  Third-party ads are visible on our app. We will not take any responsibility for their privacy practices. We advise you to check their privacy policy before visiting their platforms.

6. We ensure that our group of third parties and affiliates secure your personal data from any unauthorized access. Your personal information is stored if it is necessary for any action mentioned in the privacy policy.

7. Your data may go out from Bangladesh if it complies with the applicable law. Otherwise, we will not permit your personal information to get out of the country.

8. Our group of third-party or affiliate service partners may send you service offers. Your acceptance of their offer will directly make you a user of the affiliate or the third party. You will be subject to their privacy policy, and we will have no control over the personal information that you shared with them.


1. Cookies are small text files that our app uses to recognize your IP address. It is also used to store different page view counts and let us know your preferences. It will provide you with quick access when you revisit the app.

2. We use cookies to provide you hassle-free interactivity and will not manipulate your personal information.

3. Changing or deleting cookies will take a direct effect on your experience with the platform. You will have restricted access to the Wardrobe app.

4. We can assure you that cookies don’t contain any of your private data and they are virus-free. You are also allowed to clean them anytime as you want.

5. The app uses the Google Analytics service from Google. Google Analytics also uses cookies and analyzes user behavior in the app. All the data is stored in a data server placed in the USA. Google may transfer the data to a third party and will do so by law if required. Google is also bound to cut off your IP address info from all the cookies information held within their server. You can deny the use of cookies by turning off the appropriate setting however, that will deactivate the full functionality of the app for you.      


1. Advance technical security measure is taken to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. Before disclosing any personal information, we demand proof of identity and use firewalls for all severs protection.

2. You need to take responsibility if you have given access to your password or device to any unauthorized entity.

3. You should also be aware that electronic storage still does not have any full-proof security system at work. We are unable to provide you full security guarantee, however, our security team consistently improve our safety measure and review the best practice.

Your Rights

1. You have the right to request access to your personal data stored on our server. Editing inaccurate personal data held by us is free of charge. If applicable by law, we might ask for an additional fee for retrieving your personal records with us.

2. You have full rights to demand the removal of all your personal information. However, it will put us in a position where we will not be able to ensure the continuity of the service that we were providing you. We expressly reserved the legal rights and remedies in this circumstance.

3. You will also need to fill out a ‘deletion request form’ to fully execute the order. A service agent from our customer care team will contact you and assist you with the further process. After that, the demand for deletion of your personal data will be completed within 15 working days.