Return Policy 

1. We have multiple vendors/sellers listed on the Wardrobe name. You need to go through their return policy when you purchase their products using our platform. 

2. We care for our customers. If you have received any damaged, defective, wrong size or color, or incomplete order, then we request you to demand a return request on our app. Return requests need to be performed within 48 hours after the delivery is made.

3. If you request a return, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at  

Valid reasons to request a refund 

1. If you have received damaged or broken products. 

2. If the product looks totally different and incomplete compared to the actual product description. 

3. If the vender/seller has sent the wrong product.

Valid reasons to request an exchange

1. You can request an exchange for all the terms mentioned above for requesting a refund.

2. Additionally, you can request an exchange if the product does not fit properly.

Conditions for Returns 

1. The product that you want to return needs to be kept intact just like the delivery. It should not have any flaws. You can try on fashion products to check if they fit or not. It will not be considered as used.

2. The product should be returned with all the delivered items, original tags, warranty cards, invoices, etc.

3. The product needs to be returned with the manufacturer's packing box that you received during delivery. Do not use any additional tap or stickers on the packaging box. 

Refund Process 

1. A successful refund request will generally be complete within 7/10 working days. However, there can be exceptional cases and might need more time to execute the refund payment. 

2. Refunds may also delay depending on the company policy clause. If you have received any cashback for your canceled order. It will be adjusted accordingly before you receive a refund. 

3. Wardrobe holds the right to choose other flexible payment options to make the refund process faster and easier for both parties.

4. Principal paid amount with be adjusted accordingly to the bonus/cashback (if any). The extra service charge for the refund payment needs to be borne by the customers. 

5. We work with third-party payment gateway providers, and they will be informed about the refund claim and take the initiative accordingly. Hence, the refund process for payments made by cards or Bkash may take longer.

6. Only the main cardholder will receive a refund for the canceled order. Our refund policy does not allow otherwise.  

7. If you shop through reward points, you will be refunded reward points. A cash refund policy is not applicable in this case.     

Take Note: You need to make sure to indicate your order number and return tracking number so that you can get the refund or new complete order within the return policy period. Otherwise, Wardrobe will not take any responsibility and can be the reason for return request cancellation. During package drop, make sure to reserve the Wardrobe Return Acknowledgement paper for future reference.

If your returned product does not match the above-mentioned points, then we will be unable to provide you with a refund or return as per demand. 

Take Note: We reserve the right to reject any refund request. In that circumstance, the products will be delivered back to your place within 8-15 days. Three failed delivery attempts for your incomplete data or inconvenience will be a reason for direct cancellation without any refund or return policy promise.