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Terms And Conditions


Welcome to the Wardrobe app hereby also referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” or simply “Wardrobe”. Wardrobe is an online marketplace and here are the terms and conditions that govern the access and use of the Wardrobe with any of its app, sub-domain, sites, services, and features. By deciding to use the platform, you agree with our terms and conditions and all the details shared here in the User Agreement. As soon as you log into the app, the user agreement mentioned here applies to you. If you are not on the same page with our User Agreement, then we respectfully advise you to avoid registering or even using our platform. My Wardrobe Ltd is the main operating body of the app.

We encourage you to regularly follow the update of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to add or remove terms and conditions as per required. Changes will come into effect without any prior notice. If you continue to use the platform, you are accepting the changes that might happen without your consent.



We may ask you to create an account on the platform for providing certain services. You will need to provide personal information to complete the creation of your account. But at our absolute discretion, we might decide to invalidate your username or password without any further notice of the cause. During this action, the loss of your personal information or furthermore will not be our liability.

All your user identification detail, passwords, and personal data are confidential and need to be your responsibility. You need to agree on maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information on your side. We also agree to ensure full security to the personal information and other details that you shared with us. All necessary steps are taken to keep your data safe and secure. If you have any reason to believe that password of your account has been compromised then you should immediately inform us of this matter. You agree to take full liability for the action by creating an account on our app. We are not obliged but are entitled to take action. Therefore, you are solely responsible for these incidents and indemnify us entirely.

All the details that you share with us need to be correct and complete. You also need to regularly update the correct info by accessing your account dashboard. If you face any difficulty, taking such action then you can immediately contact us for assistance. Our customer care support line is live 24/7. We reserve the right to refuse your request and ban your account from the platform without any prior notice. We will never take any liability for the losses suffered by the action. Therefore, we request you to regularly update your account password and keep your account secure on the platform. Any unauthorized access to your account will be a reason for wrongdoing from your side. You have to take full responsibility during this period.


Please go through our Privacy agreement for full details of our governing structure in account of securing your personal data. We take strike measures to keep your information confidential and far from any unauthorized access from our side. All the Privacy Agreement terms are followed by the law and regulations of the country. If you don’t agree with our Privacy Terms, then please don’t use our platform. 


You need to agree, understand, and acknowledge that Wardrobe is an online marketplace where third-party Seller/Vender products can be purchased from anywhere in the country using the payment method of your choice. We are only a facilitator and can’t control the transaction performed by the payment gateway that is available at your service. So, the contract of product purchase using our platform is a bipartite contract between the buyer(you) and the seller. Payment processing occurs based on your trust of deal with the seller you are dealing with using our platform. Your card issuer bank also plays a role in your electronic payment on the platform. Therefore, it should be a bipartite contract between you and the service provider that is live on our app.


We will try our best to keep the app available 24/7 at your service. But as you know the nature of the Internet, we can’t guarantee you uninterrupted service all the time. Also, we might occasionally take maintenance or a new service installation break without further notice in a few cases. We will try to limit the number of such incidents and keep the availability of the app for you most of the time.


We require you to confirm that by using our app, you are legally binding a contract with our user terms and condition. In return, we allow you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the app without any problem. You can use the platform only to shop listed items and not to take illegal commercial advantages. If you are connecting with us as a business entity, you have the right to bind users to this User Agreement and follow the applicable laws accordingly. No person or business entity should have more than one account. If you choose to breach the terms, then the license mentioned above will be immediately revoked without even informing you.

The purpose of the published content is to educate you about the platform. Product details like price, stock, add-ons and other features are controlled by the sellers/venders. We can’t guarantee their accuracy completely. Individuals can also share opinions on the app and that does not reflect our view in any shape or form.

We issue you the license for accessing and using the app. We don’t allow you to take any modification action on our platform. Also, don’t download the app data excluding page caches. You don’t have the right to perform any resale or commercial action using our app. Downloading or copying product details or account information for your gain is also strictly restricted. All trademark and proprietary information rights are reserved by Wardrobe. Any portion of it can’t be downloaded, duplicated, copied, sold, or used framing technique for commercial purposes. You need to have written consent from us to perform these actions.

Same term stands for the meta tags, logo, other media files, and page layout. Any difference to the term will directly give us the right to terminate the license and ban you from the platform without any prior notice.

By using our app, you agree to follow the conditions, and undertaking such activities will immediately put your account at risk. You can lose track of incomplete orders, reviews, and services that you are enjoying so far.

We may take legal action in severe cases as mentioned below:

·       Refusal to follow through with the Terms and Conditions and related policies for using the app.

·       False representation of your connection with a person or entity for illegal benefits.

·       Trying to get unauthorized access to other network systems connected with us.

·       Interfering other user's service enjoyment on the app.

·       Posting any spam promotion or prohibited materials on the app will be the reason for legal action.

·       Any attempt to corrupt the app with malicious code or viruses that interfere with the connection between other users, and Wardrobe, using the app without agreeing to our privacy terms is also illegal and will be acted according to the applicable laws.   

F.     Your Conduct

You must not take any action on the platform that can cause interruption to other users. Any sort of damage to our platform by you is not accepted. The app, its employee, officers, representatives, stakeholders, or other parties directly or indirectly associated with us should be safe from your action on the app. You need to understand the responsibility that you have with communication and content that you share on our platform. We only allow you access to the app for lawful purposes only.

We strictly prohibit using the site for purposes mentioned below:

·       Criminal or fraudulent activity is unlawful on Wardrobe.

·       Using any content of the app without our consent is illegal. We always condemn use of our content for racism, hatred, bigotry, misleading, blasphemous, obscene, pornography, breach of copyright, trademark misuse, manipulating information to harm third-party sellers/venders, and more. Any threat to our unity and integrity within the county or abroad will be reason for legal action against you. The security and sovereignty of Bangladesh can’t be objectified by the users. Posting spam, political campaign, software virus, etc. are never encouraged.

·       Using the app for any kind of illegal activity.

·       You are also not allowed to cause annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety among other users or us.

·       Any action that does not comply with our terms and condition. And, your intention to harm the legal rights of other users.


Any comment, review, question, and other submissions by you on the platform become the sole property of the app and it shall be governed according to our terms. Besides, the name that you use to comment, question, review, etc. do act as permission for us to use it as per required. Creating an account with a false email or false identity and misleading us with any threats shall not be tolerated. We may remove or edit any submission by you as per required but shall not obligate to. 


We have more than 1000 products on sale by different venders on the platform. The product listing is a continuous process and it is increasing the product number rapidly. We can't go through all the comments, reviews, and product descriptions in search of objectionable content. We work with a “claim review and takeout” feature. If you think any one of the contents posted on the app can be the reason for racism, hatred, bigotry, misleading, blasphemous, obscene, pornography, manipulating information to harm third party seller/vender, any threat to our security and sovereignty of Bangladesh, spam, software virus, and other obligated things then we request you to notify us immediately. You can directly write us on our info@mywardrobebd.com or mywardrobeltd@gmail.com email addresses and we will review the content and remove them if needed in a reasonable time frame.

You are requested to share your name, address, contact address, and other relevant info as per needed. Also don’t forget to share your proof of objection, instances of objection, and details about the objectionable content party. Please note that providing inaccurate details on any of the mentioned data will invalidate your claim for content review.


You have the right to ask for the full security of your intellectual property. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been hampered in any shape or form then please contact us at info@mywardrobebd.com or mywardrobeltd@gmail.com email addresses. We will take all reasonable efforts and address your concern within a reasonable time.         

You are requested to share your name, address, contact address, and other relevant info as per needed. Also don’t forget to share your proof of instances of infringement, instances of infringement, and other required details. Please note that providing inaccurate details on any of the mentioned data will invalidate your claims and misleading information can be followed by legal proceedings if needed.

Manufacturer of the platform also has the right to protect their exclusive distribution or resale agreement for their products. But that does not give the right to infringe intellectual property rights.

As the enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer, distributor, and seller, we will not be the associated party of enforcement of such activities. We can’t give you legal advice and will not share private information as protected by the law. If you have any concerns regarding your rights, you should take advice from a legal specialist.


Wardrobe and different imprints shown on our App are reserved or enlisted brand names in the important jurisdiction(s). Our designs, logos, page headers, button symbols, scripts, and administration names are the trademark and may not be utilized regarding any item or administration that doesn't have a place with us or in any way that is probably going to create turmoil among clients, or in any way that slanders or ruins us. Any remaining brand names that show up on this App are the property of their particular proprietors, who could possibly be associated with, connected, or supported by us.

All licensed innovation freedoms, whether enrolled or unregistered, in the App, data content on the App, and all the web composition, including, yet not restricted to message, designs, programming, photographs, video, music, sound, and their determination and course of action, and all product arrangements, fundamental source code, and programming will remain our property. The whole items in the App likewise are safeguarded by copyright as an aggregate work under Bangladeshi copyright laws and international conventions. All rights are held.


You recognize and embrace that you are getting to the administrations on the App and executing despite the obvious danger and are utilizing your best and judicious judgment prior to going into any financial exchanges through the platform. We will not be at risk nor answerable for any activities or inactions of dealers nor any break of conditions, portrayals, or guarantees by the merchants or makers of the items and thusly explicitly repudiate and will not take any all obligation and responsibility in such manner. We will not intervene or determine any question or conflict between you and the venders or makers of the items.

We further explicitly disavow any guarantees or portrayals (express or suggested) regarding value, reasonableness, precision, dependability, fulfillment, practicality, execution, security, merchantability, readiness for a specific reason, or lawfulness of the items recorded or shown or executed or the substance (counting item or evaluating data or potentially determinations) on the App. While we have played it safe to keep away from errors, in this App, all sets of data (counting the cost of items), programming, items, benefits, and related illustrations are given as is the premise, without guarantee of any sort. We don't verifiably or unequivocally support or embrace the deal or acquisition of any items on the App. Never will any right, title, or interest in the items sold through or showed on the App vest with us nor will Wardrobe have any commitments or liabilities regarding any exchanges on the App.

We will not be at risk or answerable for any activities or actions of some other specialist co-op as recorded on our App which incorporates yet isn't restricted to installment suppliers, portion contributions, and guarantee administrations among others.


You will indemnify and hold innocuous Wardrobe as possessed by My Wardrobe Ltd auxiliaries, partners, and their separate officials, chiefs, specialists, and representatives, from any case or interest, or activities including sensible lawyer's expenses, made by any third party or punishment forced due to or emerging out of your break of these Terms and Conditions or any record integrated by reference, or your infringement of any regulation, rules, guidelines or the freedoms of a third party.

You thus explicitly discharge Wardrobe as possessed by My Wardrobe Ltd or potentially its partners as well as any of its officials and delegates from any expense, harm, responsibility, or other results of any of the activities/inactions of the dealers or other specialist co-ops and explicitly waiver any cases or requests that you might have for this benefit under any resolution, contract, etc.


Parties other than Wardrobe and its partners might work in stores, offer types of assistance, or sell product offerings on the App. For instance, organizations and people offer items through the marketplace. Likewise, we give connects to the apps of associated organizations and certain different organizations. We are not answerable for inspecting or assessing, and we don't warrant or embrace the contributions of any of these organizations or people. We take on no obligation or responsibility for the activities, items, and content of any of these and some other third party. You can tell when an outsider is engaged with your exchanges by inspecting your exchange cautiously, and we might share client data connected with those exchanges with that third party. You ought to painstakingly audit their security articulations and related agreements.


At the point when you visit the App or send messages to us, you are speaking with us electronically. You will be expected to give a legitimate telephone number while submitting a request with us. We might speak with you by email, SMS, call, or by posting sees on the App or by some other method of correspondence we decide to utilize. For authoritative purposes, you agree to get interchanges (counting conditional, limited time, and additionally business messages), from us regarding your utilization of the app (as well as arrangement of your request) and consent to treat all methods of correspondence with a similar significance.


We won't be answerable for any business or individual misfortunes (counting however not restricted to loss of benefits, income, contracts, expected reserve funds, information, altruism, or squandered consumption) or whatever other backhanded or considerable misfortune that isn't actually predictable to both you and us when you started utilizing the App.


We maintain all authority to make changes to the App, its arrangements, these agreements, and some other freely shown condition or administration guarantee whenever. You will be dependent upon the approaches and agreements in force at the time you utilized the App except if any change to those strategies or these circumstances is expected to be made by regulation or government expert (in which case it will apply to orders recently positioned by you). Assuming any of these circumstances is considered invalid, void, or under any condition unenforceable, that condition will be considered severable and won't influence the legitimacy and enforceability of any excess condition.



We won't be considered answerable for any postponement or inability to agree with our commitments under these circumstances in the event that the deferral or disappointment emerges from any reason which is past our sensible control. This condition doesn't influence your legal privileges.


You recognize and perceive that we are a confidential business venture and maintain all authority to lead business to accomplish our targets in a way we consider fit. You likewise recognize that assuming you break the circumstances expressed on our App and we make no move, we are as yet qualified to utilize our freedoms and cures in whatever other circumstance where you break these conditions.


To other legitimate or equitable remedies, we may, without earlier notice to you, promptly end the Terms and Conditions or disavow any or your freedoms as a whole conceded under the Terms and Conditions. Upon any end of this Agreement, you will promptly stop all admittance to you and utilization of the App and we will, some other legitimate or evenhanded remedies, quickly renounce all password(s) and account distinguishing proof given to you and deny your admittance to and utilization of this App in entire or to a limited extent. Any end of this understanding will not influence the particular privileges and commitments (counting without impediment, installment commitments) of the gatherings emerging before the date of end. You moreover concur that the App will not be obligated to you or to some other individual because of any such suspension or termination. On the off chance that you are disappointed with the app or with any terms, conditions, rules, approaches, rules, or practices in working the app, your sole and the best path is to stop utilizing the App.


These agreements are administered by and understood as per the laws of The People's Republic of Bangladesh. You concur that the courts, tribunals as well as quasi-judicial bodies situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh will have the selective ward on any debate emerging inside Bangladesh under this Agreement.


You can simply click the contact us tab to reach us for additional info or objections.



Kindly read these circumstances cautiously prior to putting in an order for any items with the Sellers ("We" or "Our" or "Us", any place relevant) on the App. These circumstances imply your consent to be bound by these circumstances.


This segment manages conditions connecting with the offer of items or services on the App.


Your order is a legitimate proposal to the vender to purchase the item or service shown on our App. At the point when you submit a request to buy a product, any affirmations or announcements got before the dispatch of your order serve simply to approve the request subtleties given, and not the slightest bit suggests the affirmation of the actual order. The acknowledgment of your order is viewed as affirmed when the item is dispatched to you. Assuming that your order is dispatched in more than one bundle, you might get discrete dispatch affirmations. During submitting the place, we show a rough timetable that the handling of your order will take but we can't ensure this course of events to be thoroughly exact in each occurrence as we are subject to a third party supplier to protect this responsibility. We focus on you to put forth every sensible attempt to guarantee that the demonstrative course of events is met. All business/authoritative terms are presented by and consented to among you and the venders alone. The business/authoritative terms incorporate without constraint cost, transporting costs, installment techniques, installment terms, date, period, and method of conveyance, guarantees connected with items and services, and after deals services connected with products and services. Wardrobe has no control or doesn't decide or exhort or in any capacity include itself in the contribution or acknowledgment of such business/authoritative terms between you and the Sellers. The vender holds the option to drop any order at its only circumspection preceding dispatch. We will guarantee that there is a convenient suggestion to you of such wiping out by means of an email or SMS. Any prepayments put forth in defense of such cancellation(s), will be discounted to you inside the time spans specified in the refund policy.


Kindly go through our Returns Policy.


Once the order is confirmed, Wardrobe is strict on ensuring delivery is done within 1-5 working days. All costs are recorded in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). The VAT and TAX amounts are mentioned at checkout page and are recorded on the App by the dealer that is selling the product or service. Things in your Shopping Cart will continuously mirror the latest cost shown on the thing's product detail page. Kindly note that this cost might vary from the cost displayed for the thing when you previously positioned it in your truck. Setting a thing in your cart doesn't hold the cost displayed around then. It is additionally conceivable that a thing's cost might diminish between the time you place it in your cart and the time you buy it.

We don't offer cost matching for any things sold by any dealer on our App or others.

Not set in stone to give the most reliable evaluating data on the App to our clients; nonetheless, mistakes might, in any case, happen, for example, situations when the cost of a thing isn't shown accurately on the App. Accordingly, we claim all authority to decline or drop any order. If a thing is mispriced, we may, at our own caution, either reach you for directions or drop your request and tell you of such crossing out. We will reserve the privilege to decline or drop any such orders whether the order has been affirmed and your prepayment processed. In the event that such an undoing happens on your prepaid request, our strategies for refund will apply. If it's not too much trouble, note that Wardrobe forces 100 percent right on the discount sum. Normally discount sum is determined in light of the client addressed cost in the wake of deducting any kind of discount and delivery charge.

We list accessibility data for items recorded on the App, remembering for every item data page. Before what we say on that page or generally on the App, we can't be more unambiguous about accessibility. Kindly note that dispatch estimates are only that. They are not ensured dispatch times and ought not to be depended upon accordingly. As we process your order, you will be notified by email or SMS in the event that any items you order end up being unavailable.

Kindly note that there are situations when a request can't be handled in light of multiple factors. The App maintains all authority to deny or drop any order under any condition at some random time. You might be approached to give extra verification or data, including however not restricted to telephone number and address, before we acknowledge the order.

To stay away from any fraud with credit or debit cards, we maintain whatever authority is needed to acquire approval of your installment subtleties prior to furnishing you with the product and to confirm the individual data you imparted to us. This confirmation can take the state of a character, spot of the home, or banking data check. The shortfall of a response following such a request will naturally cause the crossing out of the request inside a sensible timetable. We claim all authority to continue to coordinate retraction of an order for which we suspect a gamble of false utilization of banking instruments or different reasons without earlier notification or any subsequent legal liability.

Refund Voucher

Refund vouchers can be reclaimed on our App, as full or part payment of product from our App inside the given course of events.

Refund vouchers can't be utilized from various records.

Vouchers are not replaceable whenever terminated.

The refund voucher code can be applied just a single time. The leftover measure of the Refund Voucher subsequent to applying it once, if any, won't be discounted and can't be utilized for the next buys regardless of whether the worth of the request is smaller than the remaining voucher value.

Promotional Vouchers

Each promotional voucher (New client voucher) will be legitimate for use by a client just a single time. Various utilization by changing the character is unlawful.

Both promotional voucher and cart rule refund may not be added simultaneously.

Limited time voucher is non-refundable and can't be traded for cash to some degree or full and is substantial for a solitary exchange in particular.

Limited time vouchers may not be legitimate during the deal or related to any promotional promotion.

Voucher will work provided that the base buy sum and different circumstances are met.

Wardrobe maintains whatever authority is needed to differ or end the activity of any voucher whenever without notice.

Wardrobe will not be responsible to any client or family for any monetary misfortune emerging out of the refusal, undoing, or withdrawal of any voucher or any disappointment or failure of a client to involve a voucher under any condition.

Vouchers are not replaceable whenever terminated.

Reward Vouchers

Clients who have previously been recorded in Wardrobe for illegal exercises won't be qualified to profit any voucher and won't be qualified to take part in any promotion.

A client will not work with more than one account in a single gadget.

Security and Fraud

At the point when you utilize a voucher, you warrant to Wardrobe that you are the properly approved beneficiary of the voucher and that you are involving it with honest intentions.

On the off chance that you recover, endeavor to reclaim or support the reclamation of voucher to get limits to which you are not entitled you might be carrying out a civil or criminal offense.

Assuming we sensibly accept that any voucher is being utilized unlawfully or wrongfully, we might reject or drop any voucher/request and you concur that you will have no case against us in regard to any dismissal or scratch-off. Wardrobe maintains all authority to make any further move it considers proper on such occasions


Reselling Wardrobe items for business intention is completely disallowed. Assuming any unapproved staff are found committing the above act, the lawful move might be made against him/her.

F.     Taxes

You will be liable for the installment of all fees/costs/charges related to the purchase of items from the App and you consent to bear all relevant duties according to prevailing law.


We make no portrayal or guarantee as to particulars (like quality, value, saleability, and so forth) of the items or services inclined to be sold on the App when items or services are sold by a third party. We don't verifiably or expressly support or underwrite the deal or purchase of any items or services on the App. We acknowledge no responsibility for any blunders or exclusions, whether in the interest of itself or third parties.

We are not answerable for any non-execution or break of any agreement that went into between you and the dealers. We can't and don't ensure your activities or those of the venders as they finish up exchanges on the App. We are not expected to intercede or determine any question or conflict emerging from exchanges happening on our App.

We don't participate during any exchange by you with a third party on our App or have any privileges or claims over the items or services presented by a merchant. Hence, we have no commitments or liabilities in regard to such contract(s) went into among you and the seller(s). We are not liable for inadmissible or deferred execution of services or harms or deferrals because of items that are unavailable, inaccessible, or delay purchased.

Pricing on any product(s) or related data as shown on the App may be because of some technical issue, typographical blunder, or other explanation by error publication, and subsequently, you acknowledge that in such circumstances the merchant or the App might drop your order without earlier notification or any responsibility emerging accordingly. Any prepayments made for such requests will be refunded as stated by the refund policy.      


Stock accessibility: The orders are dependent upon the accessibility of stock.

Delivery Timeline: Wardrobe is strict on ensuring delivery is done within 1-5 days inside Dhaka and 2-7 days outside Dhaka

Delivery may be delayed because of force major occasion which incorporates, however not restricted to, political turmoil, political occasion, public/public occasions, and so forth.

Cancellation: Wardrobe holds the right to drop any request at its only circumspection preceding dispatch and under any condition which might incorporate, however not restricted to, the item is mispriced, unavailable, lapsed, flawed, broke down, and containing wrong data or depiction emerging out of specialized or typographical blunder or for some other explanation.

Refund Timeline: If an order is dropped, the refund payment against such order will be taken place within 10 to 15 working days, however, it might require a longer time in uncommon cases. Given that got cashback sum, if any, will be changed with the discount sum.

You affirm that the product(s) or service(s) requested by you are bought for your internal/individual utilization and not so much for business re-seal. You approve us to pronounce and give an announcement to any legislative expert for your sake expressing the previously mentioned reason for your orders on the App. The Seller or the App might drop an order wherein the amounts surpass the average individual utilization. This applies both to the number of items requested inside a single order and the putting in of a few orders for a similar item where the singular orders contain an amount that surpasses the regular individual utilization. What contains a common person's utilization amount limit will be founded on different factors and at the sole caution of the Seller or our own and may change from one person to another.

You might drop your order at no expense any time before the thing is dispatched to you.

If it's not too much trouble, note that we sell items just in amounts that are equivalent to the needs of a typical family. This applies both to the quantity of items ordered inside a single cart and the putting in of a few orders for a similar item where the singular orders contain an amount regular for a typical family. If it's not too much trouble, go through our Refund Policy.